Type 1 De-Icing Agent (Propylene Glycol)


$40.00/ hour

Ground Power Unit

Pilot Shop

North Star Aviation has one of the largest pilot supplies store in Southern Minnesota.  Get your charts, manuals, textbooks, flight school tools, headsets, gifts and much more.


  • Aeroshell 100, 100W, & 100WPlus
  • Aeroshell 10W40 Diesel
  • Aeroshell 5W30 Diesel
  • Aeroshell 15W50
  • Aeroshell 65, & 65W
  • Aeroshell 80 & 80W
  • Mobile Jet II
  • Phillips 20W50
  • Rotella T 15W40
  • Turbo 2380 Oil
  • Mobil 254 Turbine Oil

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